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We Go Green and Save

We all know that businesses can be forces of great power, capable of mobilizing immense resources and creating worldwide change.  But we might be hard-pressed to think of them as things of beauty as well.  That’s all about to change.

GatherGreen’s goal is to help you find businesses in your neighborhood that think like you, businesses that care about the same social, economic, and environmental issues, and businesses that work to create value in your community rather than extract from it all they can.


When you sign up to GatherGreen, we promise to email you with unbeatable deals on green goods and services from sustainably-operated business in your back yard.  We will tell you what makes them green and what they do to ensure that our future generations thrive and prosper.  We’ll also give you the scoop on their best offerings and let you know what people in-the-know are saying about them.  

Our value proposition is simple: We will show you products and services of equal, if not better quality; we will bring them to you at equal, and usually at better prices; and (here’s the kicker) they will all be sourced from businesses who care about your health and well being, who understand the wider reaching impacts of their practices, and who operate in your best interest because they are vested partners in your community.  On all counts these are beautiful businesses and it is our pleasure to serve as your introduction to them.



We are part of a much larger worldwide movement for social and environmental change.  Our mission is to help transform ours from a culture of consumption into a culture of sustainability.   
We wish to build GatherGreen into a platform on the web where we highlight the efforts of local communities of practice, hold them up as examples to one another, and help them band together to form a global force for change.  Harnessing the tools of the social web we intend to demonstrate  the immense power of collective action as we gather green people, businesses, societies and organizations from all over the world here to connect, share, and benefit.



Well, we do everything we can to reduce, reuse, and recycle in all of our offices. Plastic bottles and single-use non-recyclable plastic bags are banned from all locations. Every effort is made to eliminate paper and we are huge proponents of paperless transactions (print out your GatherGreen coupons only if you have to). We encourage our employees to do what they can to conserve and save energy -- we even ask them to use reusable lunch totes, utensils, and napkins (any guess what gifts we give our employees at holiday parties?)


We are also proud to run a carbon balanced business -- all of the carbon emitted by the energy we use is offset by monetary contributions to TerraPass which funds farm power, landfill gas capture, and wind energy projects on our behalf.